New Dishonored Video Talks Tactics for the Sneaky

| 23 Aug 2012 11:49

In Dishonored you can distract enemies, but be too cocky and a Tallboy will get you.

Bethesda's alternate history stealth/action game Dishonored has a new video, and it shows off some of the game's sneakier abilities. Blink allows you to travel a short distance - say, to a handy chandelier - while Dark Vision gives you a better idea of where your enemies are looking. It's all in a good cause, as you stealth your way to vengeance; but those Tallboys pack a punch, as the video demonstrates.

"The best assassins are never seen at all," the narrator claims, as it points out the various ways you can keep your skin intact while creeping around someone's mansion. The powers your main character use in the video are activated with Runes - in-game magical currency - which can be used to unlock and upgrade your abilities. Your character is Corvo Atano, a man unjustly accused of regicide who uses his newfound abilities to get revenge on those who framed him.

Though that huge knife is a bit of a temptation you can defeat enemies non-lethally, not that your enemies will have any compunction about shooting your deadbeat carcass should they find you. Some of the tactics demonstrated will be familiar to veteran stealth fans, but there are some nice touches; blowing out candles to decrease light in the room, for instance.

This game is due out in October 2012, for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. The game's website can be found here.

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