The Batpod Comes to Life

| 27 Aug 2012 15:34

A dude from Vietnam has built his own fully-functional Batpod out of spare parts he had lying around his shop.

Let's be clear that when I say "fully functional," I don't mean that this imposing crotch-rocket of justice has missile launchers or a grappling gun or any of that kind of Bat-belt crapola. But it's drivable - at speeds faster than what we've seen from the Tron Light Cycle, it must be said - and it looks seriously bad-ass.

The Google translation of the original VN Express article is a massacre but the total construction cost of the bike was apparently about ten million Vietnamese dong, including three million dong for the Suzuki FX125 upon which the whole thing is built. That's not nearly as impressive as it sounds, though; it works out to about 480 bucks, a pretty sweet deal for this kind of mean-looking Bat-bike.

Lam said he built his Batpod to generate publicity for his shop, but added that he'd sell it if somebody wanted to buy it. If he does unload it, he'd like to put the money toward even bigger projects, like Batman's six-wheeled Tumbler vehicle or the helicopter from Avatar.

Source: VN Express, via Neatorama

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