Kickstarter Mishap Cripples Venusian Adventure Game

| 31 Aug 2012 09:42

Warbird Games' new point-and-click is looking for more donations to get Jack Houston to Venus.

Jack Houston's Venus rocket, which was all set for launch, sputtered and crashed back to Earth when Warbird Games' Kickstarter suffered a mishap. Its pulp sci-fi point-and-click Jack Houston and the Necronauts was all set, after a successful Kickstarter campaign put it more than $8,000 over its $56,000 target funding level. Alas, one of its backers got cold feet and, as that backer had pledged $10,000, Warbird Games was short of the necessary funds. As a consequence the developer is now scrambling to get a few more PayPal donations from willing gamers, to launch Jack Houston to the stars.

"After the exhilaration of passing our goal by almost $10k," said Warbird's Stacy Davidson, "I was expecting to spend the next few days getting ready to start production on the project. Instead, I spent them frantically trying to find out what was going on with the donation, whether we'd even get the other funds and glued to email for any news." Davidson is taking this blow in his stride, and offering a string of rewards to those willing to help Warbird over the extra mile. A full list of its reward tiers can be found here

Kickstarter allows people to donate but doesn't bill them until the crowdfunding campaign completes. Other crowdfunder sites, like IndieGoGo, block the pledged amount on the donor's card as soon as the pledge is made, effectively collecting the money up front. While the IndieGoGo approach may perturb donors it does help avoid problems like this, where the person either had no intention of fulfilling their promise or ducked out at the last minute. Here's hoping Jack Houston gets to Venus after this rocky start!

Source: Kotaku

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