Author Films Sega's Toylet in Action

| 5 Sep 2012 11:17

Author Matt Alt has generously released footage of Sega's interactive urinal game.

Well, if this doesn't persuade you to hit what you aim at, nothing will. Sega's Toylet has been out for a while now, but unless you live in Japan you may not have seen its stunning gameplay for yourself. Fear not; Matt Alt, author and co-founder - with his wife and collaborator Hiroko Yoda - of AltJapan Co Ltd, has stepped forward to do his duty. Thanks to his selfless sacrifice, now you know what it's like to party hard in Tokyo.

"This marks the first and hopefully last time I ever have to film myself in a bathroom," said Alt. Toylet isn't the only game to go where no videogame had gone before; UK company Captive Media came out with a similar concept last year. Its game trio offered trivia quizzes, skiing simulations and a knock-down-penguins shooting gallery; clearly the Brits favor accuracy over quantity. No such luck with the Toylet, as gameplay here is all about overwhelming your opponent - the faceless villain who visited the urinal before you did - with victory going to the one with the greatest output.

So congratulations to Alt, for taking one for the team. Let us all hope he never has to do so again.

Source: Kotaku

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