Greece Busts Game Dev "Spies"

| 11 Sep 2012 11:06

The Arma 3 development team may have gone too far in a bid for gaming realism.

Two unnamed Bohemia Interactive developers have been arrested by the Greek Government on espionage charges. When their bags were searched, a camcorder and camera - both of which contained images of military installations on the island of Lemnos - were found in the pair's possession. The arrested men claimed to have been carrying out research for Bohemia Interactive's Arma 3 military shooter.

According to a statement by the Czech government, the accused deliberately entered an area they knew was off-limits. "We have a statement from the Greek police," said Czech foreign ministry spokesman Vit Kolar, "saying they were taking pictures and video footage of military facilities on the island on which they were detained, and that they entered the military facilities despite a warning." Bohemia Interactive has confirmed in a forum post that the two are Bohemia Interactive employees, but is unwilling to make any further public statement at this time.

Lemnos, in legend the home of artificer Hephaestus, is strategically significant to Greece and was the scene of a decisive naval victory against the Turks during the First Balkan War in 1913. As a result of that war control of Lemnos passed from Turkey to Greece, and the island's military status is the subject of treaties between the two nations. Lemnos has been a significant naval installation and currently boasts an important Greek Air Base. In Arma 3 the island has been fictionalized as Limnos.

Arma 3, due for release in 2012, is set on Limnos during a conflict between NATO and Eastern armed forces. This is not the first time Bohemia Interactive has sent employees out on reconnaissance; the last time they were in Lemnos was in 2010. On that occasion David Zapletal and Pavel Guglava tried to record what Bohemia Interactive described as the "genius loci" of Lemnos. Whether or not Zapletal and Guglava attempted a second act of genius remains to be seen, but if so ... well, telling the internet you're interested in photographing military installations and posting pictures of you in action for all the world to see may not be altogether wise.

Source: PC Gamer

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