Far Cry 3 Brings the Preorder Monkey Business

| 17 Sep 2012 17:22

Honey badgers are tough, but monkeys can pull pins on hand grenades.

Far Cry 3 confuses me. Sometimes it looks all "serious business," a dark and complex tale of kidnapping, horror and brutal murder; and sometimes, there is monkey business. Literally.

The Monkey Business Pack has already been revealed as part of the Far Cry 3 Insane Edition, but now gamers in North America can get their hands on it too, as a GameStop preorder exclusive. The bonus content will offer four single-player missions delivered by Hurk, a pudgy hippie with an affinity for bomb-wielding monkeys, plus "two bonus ways to humiliate your friends in multiplayer," which probably also involve simians and explosives. That seems to be kind of a theme here.

I don't much care for retailer-exclusive preorder bonuses and the implication that the Insane Edition won't be released on our side of the pond is a bummer, but it's the nature of the content that really throws me off. I can't decide if this game wants to be Far Cry 2, which at least tried to achieve some level of gravitas with its tale of a gun-runner struggling to make up for past misdeeds, or Armed & Dangerous, the game that gave us the Land Shark Gun. Both, maybe? That'll be interesting.

Far Cry 3 comes out on November 29 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

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