Angry Birds Spin-Off Puts Piggies in Planes

| 18 Sep 2012 10:40

If the Bad Piggies can dream it they can do it, in this new gameplay video.

Someone really ought to take King Pig aside and tell him that biplane of his will never work, but then neither will anything else the Bad Piggies build ... and that seems to be the point. Getting your pork chops blown away in a tragic accident is half the laugh, in this newly released gameplay video. Will you smash into a thousand pieces because of pilot error, or will that crate of dynamite be your downfall?

Broadly speaking, gameplay seems similar to other entrants in the Angry Birds series. There is a Physics Engine and it is not your friend, as you zoom from left to right across the map collecting stars. The difference here is that, rather than catapult yourself across the terrain, you build your own Heath Robinson deathtrap and launch your daft green ass to glory.

If you can imagine it you can build it, complete with wheels, motors, odd pointy bits ... but no seatbelts or parachutes. Pity, really, but then who wants to oink forever? Well, you might, as the video seems to hint that there are points in it for you if you navigate the course without cracking up your crate.

For those who want to find out the technological advances the pigs are working on, you might want to look at Hogwatch. Otherwise there isn't long to wait, as this is due September 27th for iOS, Android, Mac and PC.

Source: Bad Piggies, Eurogamer

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