Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Is Actually Happening

| 18 Sep 2012 16:38

The director of Super and Slither will be bringing the quirky space opera story to the silver screen.

Superheroes are not exactly run-of-the-mill normal characters. You've got your uber-patriot jumped up on super serum in Captain America, your genius doctor who turns into a massive green monster when he's mad and you've got your super-rich playboy genius with a weird power source keeping him alive, and that's just some of the cast of the Avengers. But the cast of the Guardians of the Galaxy is pretty out there: there's a raccoon, a tree and an insect, to name a few. And after rumors of a film adaptation building on the success of Avengers and an official announcement at San Diego Comic Con this past year, James Gunn announced via his Facebook page today that he is on board to direct the film adaptation.

James Gunn previously directed Slither and Super and he's working directly with Joss Whedon on adapting the Guardians so that it matches up in line with the Marvel film continuity.

"Last night I got the go-ahead from [Marvel Studios' Producer] Kevin Feige to let you all know that, yes, indeed, I am rewriting and directing Guardians of the Galaxy," Gunn said. "As a lifelong lover of Marvel comics, space epics, AND raccoons, this is the movie I've been waiting to make since I was nine years old."

Gunn said the process is still in its earliest stage but he accepted the challenge with gusto. "Kevin, Joss, and all the folks at Marvel have been amazing collaborators so far, and we're committed to bringing you something majestic, beautiful, and unique. I am incredibly excited," he gushed.

For those of you unsure of exactly who the Guardians of the Galaxy are, the motley group of heroes includes Bug, Drax the Destroyer, Gamora, Rocket Raccoon, and Star-Lord in the recent 2008 reboot of the story. Their main antagonist is Thanos, who you might remember from the credit sequence in Whedon's Avengers earlier this year. Guardians of the Galaxy is planned for an August 2014 release, and Thanos might end up being the tie-in to that larger story.

In any case, as a comics-outsider who is fascinated by the lore of the Marvel Universe, I'm excited to receive more of that information in movie-form rather than having to chase down spare copies of every comic made to man. Or get trapped in an endless Wikipedia feedback loop ...

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