Sixth Humble Indie Bundle Packs Torchlight

| 19 Sep 2012 09:08

The unstoppable pay-what-you-can game bundle collects platformers, physics puzzlers, and even the original Torchlight.

The Humble Indie Bundle has become a fixture of the gaming world, providing limited time pay-what-you-can bundles to gamers everywhere and distributing the proceeds between developers, charities, and the website itself. After the Humble Bundle's last outing, which was arguably the biggest and most successful bundle yet, it was difficult to imagine how the service would be able to top its previous iterations. Rising to the challenge, the team is putting its best foot forward with the new Humble Indie Bundle 6, a five-game pack that in its first day managed to raise over half a million dollars, and shows no signs of slowing.

The Humble Indie Bundle 6 includes sci-fi action platformer Rochard, physics-based brick breaker Shatter, space combat simulator Space Pirates and Zombies, the RPG dungeon crawler Torchlight, and the steampunk puzzler Vessel, while anyone paying above the current average will also be treated to the acrobatic janitor platformer Dustforce. As always, the bundle includes game soundtracks, cross-platform support on Mac and Linux systems, and Steam keys with a minimum $1 purchase.

After the many amazing collections put forward in previous Humble Bundle, I was worried gamers might start suffering from Humble Fatigue, but the 120,000+ bundles purchased so far disagree with me. Torchlight alone is an excellent addition to the pack with the sequel so close to release, and the remaining titles have dedicated followings of their own. With a regular value of $86, this set is primed to solidify the position of Humble Bundles in our hearts, minds, and wallets.

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