Slender Man Returns to PC for Commercial Release

| 21 Sep 2012 10:56

Parsec Productions and Blue Isle Studios team up for the official re-imagining of Slender.

If you're a horror fan, Slender probably gave you nightmares a short while ago. If you managed to escape the Slender Man last time around, be warned: Parsec Productions and Blue Isle Studios have teamed up to bring Slender: The Arrival out as a commercial release.

This is an "official re-imagining" of the original, according to Blue Isle. It will have more content, more levels, improved visuals and a few other tweaks, but Blue Isle says it retains the "same terrifying gameplay." So don't expect to have your flashlight replaced with a flamethrower; you'll still be a poor unfortunate trying to avoid the sinister Slender Man.

As to what else the game may offer, Blue Isle isn't providing any hints ... not yet anyway, though Blue Isle would encourage you to pay attention to their website for further updates. This will be a PC title, but exactly how much, or when, is a mystery. "In the coming months" is as much of a release date as Blue Isle is willing to give at this point.

Source: Slender: The Arrival

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