Steam Opens Left 4 Dead 2 to User-Made Content

| 24 Sep 2012 10:54

The Left 4 Dead 2 teams' fancy new weapons and items could be your own custom design.

Creating user-made content is about to get a whole lot easier for Left 4 Dead 2 fans, as Steam announces its intention to open up its Workshop to the community starting October 2012. Mac, PC and Linux users will all get the chance to kit out Ellis, Coach, Rochelle and Nick with weapons and items of their choice, all at one click of the mouse. Hats! Hats for all! Also maps. Please?

"We are also creating an expanded scripting tool to allow deeper and more varied experiences inside of Left 4 Dead 2," say Valve, and that means Mutations. Previous Mutations included scenarios like Last Gnome On Earth, Headshot! and Chainsaw Massacre, which impose victory conditions on the scenario. Perhaps the only way to kill common infected is with a headshot (ouch!) or maybe the players get to choose between chainsaw and pistol as primary weapon. "Similar to the current Mutations," says Valve, "these experiences can be laid on top of existing maps or included with brand new maps."

The Workshop is Steam's way of getting user-made content to your game, and has already been used successfully with Team Fortress 2, Civilization V and Skyrim, among other Steam games. The exact kind of content may vary; the content submission terms and conditions are different for each game and you'll need to sign up to Valve's Legal Agreement covering things like rights and fees, if you want to contribute. In Left 4 Dead 2's case the terms and conditions haven't been made public yet. "We will have more details as we get closer to launch," Valve promises.

Of course, this would launch in October. Halloween-themed content, anyone?

Source: Left 4 Dead Blog

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