Cortex Command Finally Sees Release After Eleven-Year Beta

| 24 Sep 2012 11:26

The jar-bound geniuses of Cortex Command get a September Steam release.

Some beta tests last longer than others, but Cortex Command must have been aiming for some kind of record with its eleven year development period. This indie 2D battle game has a devoted following, but unless you are part of its community you could be forgiven for thinking this title had gone to pixel heaven. Not so, and in fact the official log promises that the game will get a Steam release in September.

The announcement came with a 41 minute long preview playtest video but for those of you who don't have that kind of time: you play as a team of plump human brains, sent out into space to explore and claim resources. Though these jar-bound geniuses are fragile, they have expendable robot shells that they can send out to do their dirty work. Brains being egotistical sods none of them can bear to share, so conflict arises when two or more teams try to claim the same resource node. Lose your brain, lose the game, so rapid deployment - being the first with the most - is your best bet for dominating the battlefield.

The zombie cave scenario shown in the trailer is a January 2012 offering, but it has the advantage of not being forty one minutes long Ye Gods! However for those who like their battle games with both co-op and multiplayer modes, destructible scenery, and what looks to me like a remarkably complex interface, Cortex Command could be your new go-to, sometime later this week.

Source: PC Gamer

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