Black Ops II Designer Thinks Gamers "Should All Play Multiplayer"

| 27 Sep 2012 13:41

The fact that not everyone experiences Call of Duty's multiplayer "bugs the shit out of" its developers.

The Call of Duty games might be known for their robust multiplayer modes, but some gamers prefer to explore the campaign solo, forgoing the multiplayer experience for a solitary one. Black Ops II Design Director David Vonderhaar doesn't like that. In a recent interview, Vonderhaar discussed the return of Combat Training mode in Black Ops II, which he hopes will get more gamers to experience the rest of the game's multiplayer offerings.

"As popular as Call of Duty is, there are a lot of people who don't play multiplayer," he said. "And quite frankly, this bugs the shit out of us. They should all play multiplayer. And Combat Training helps us get there." Vonderhaar detailed the new features added to Combat Training, like integrating training progress with a player's "real" multiplayer rank. He went on to discuss fighting bots in Combat Training, saying, "as a new player, that's really rewarding."

It's nice that the developers of Black Ops II are trying to ease new players into the competitive multiplayer realm of Call of Duty, but Vonderhaar seems to be ignoring the fact that some gamers just prefer to play alone. Combat Training for new players should serve as a good learning tool, but no matter how much it bugs Vonderhaar, multiplayer is not for everyone.

Source: One of Swords

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