EDF 2017 Portable to Scuttle Across North American Vitas

| 27 Sep 2012 20:45

Giant ants on tiny screens.

A couple of days back we showed you the excellent Japanese trailer for Earth Defense Force 3 Portable. The game went on sale today in Japan, and now stateside publisher, D3Publisher, has announced it will be releasing the Vita title in North America, eventually.

The original Earth Defense Force 3 was released as Earth Defense Force 2017 in the west, where it went on to become a sleeper-hit on the Xbox 360. The upgraded Vita port, predictably called Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable, adds new missions and weapons. It also includes full four player co-op with online support - the original game was limited to two player, local co-op which destroyed the game's already quite spotty framerate, though many critics argue that was part of the game's charm. The port also marks the return of Palewing, an archetypical cute girl with a jetpack introduced in the PS2 release of EDF 2 (Global Defense Force as it's called in Europe).

As benefits its budget status, the game's localization was announced via Facebook with little fanfare. There's no information on a release window or pricing, but the game is being sold for full retail price in Japan.

Source: Facebook

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