Persona 4 Golden Trailer Highlights New Features

| 9 Oct 2012 14:06

Get to know Marie, Persona 4 Golden's new social link, in the latest trailer.

Persona 4 was already a 100-plus hour game when it was released on the PS2 in 2008, and the upcoming Vita version is adding even more content. This appropriately named "New Features" trailer shows off some of Persona 4 Golden's additions, starting with Marie, a brand new social link.

In addition to courting Marie, Persona 4 Golden also allows you to experience new events, such as skiing, going to the beach, and watching fireworks. You'll also get a glimpse of some new city locations, attacks, and personas.

It may not be a brand-new game, but all of the extra content looks like pretty good incentive to play Persona 4 all over again. Persona 4 Golden launches in North America on November 20.

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