Mechwarrior Online Open Beta Begins Next Week

| 10 Oct 2012 15:06

The Next Big Thing in giant fighting robots is just about ready to drop.

The chance to hop behind the controls of a Jenner, an Atlas or a Catapult is almost here, as Piranha Games has announced that the Mechwarrior Online open beta will begin on October 16. While there's still work to be done, the studio said that closed beta players "have done all they can," and that future development will be better served by opening the doors to a wider audience.

Among the new features planned for the near future are the addition of Camo Spec to the Mech Lab, which will allow players to customize the base skin and up to three colors on their mechs, new decorative cockpit items and both pre-made and user-generated decals. The Cataphract mech, a new map, the new "Conquest" game mode and features like Artemis, Active Probe and ECM will also be added throughout late October and November.

The end of the closed beta means that the Mechwarrior Online Founders Program is also winding down. The Founders Program, which allows enthusiasts to kick in their money early in exchange for various bonuses like special forum tags, in-game currency and access to unique mechs, wraps up at midnight on October 14.

Set in the Battletech universe in the year 3049, Mechwarrior Online is a free-to-play multiplayer reimagining of the great Mechwarrior games of old, currently scheduled to launch later this year. To find out more, hit up

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