Western Resident Evil 6 Reception Doesn't Worry Capcom

| 6 Nov 2012 09:50

Capcom says Resident Evil 6 has been successful "to some degree."

Capcom's financial statement for the financial quarter ending November 2012 is out, and Capcom has some reason to be pleased with itself. Net income is up and sales at all levels rose to new highs, but unflattering reviews for Resident Evil 6 prompted the question of what to do to strengthen the brand in the West.

Capcom responded by saying that, although it takes customer feedback into account, current evidence isn't sufficient to indicate a need for change; according to its report, Resident Evil 6 has been "successful to some degree."

Even so, Capcom's sales forecast for the survival horror - or perhaps action horror is the better description - title has been revised downward. 6 million units is now the new goal, a change from the 7 million sales Capcom hoped it would generate, and this switch is due to "a variety of factors and risks at this time," according to the report.

Capcom is hopeful that the 6 million figure will be reached. "We are confident because of the approaching overseas Christmas and New Year selling season," said the Capcom report, "past sales of titles in this series, and for other reasons."

The "other reasons" may have something to do with digital sales, which have hit ¥14.2 billion ($177 million), driven in part by sales of Resident Evil 6. According to Capcom's figures, 3.7 million units have sold so far, so the title is already more than halfway to its 6 million target with the Christmas season still to come.

Source: Capcom

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