Ride Your Discount Tank to Wii U Glory

| 16 Nov 2012 09:55

Tank! Tank! Tank!, the Wii U release due later this month, wants all of your used tank business.

If you're in the market for a slightly dinged tracked armoured fighting vehicle, these two have a deal for you. Wii U's Tank! Tank! Tank! wants you to blow your friends away in your spanking new - well, newly detailed, anyway - tank, and its top salesmen are on the job to make sure you don't buy tanks from anyone else. Not that these two are trustworthy, exactly ... in fact, walking and chewing gum in a straight line might be a problem for them, but who cares? Tanks! Explosions! Monsters! What more could you ask for?

Tank! Tank! Tank! is a multiplayer battle game, with support for up to four players. You can whallop the other fella in Free-For-All or Team Versus, or play co-op against Giant Monsters. There's also a campaign mode if you prefer solo play, and the story mode unlocks new tanks if you clear specific missions.

It's basic party madness, in other words, and judging by the trailer best enjoyed when you're in the appropriate mindset. For more info, check out the game's page. If you're keen, this one comes out November 18th.

Source: Game Informer

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