Hyrule Historia Gets Limited Collector's Edition

| 27 Nov 2012 10:12

Fans will soon be able to pre-order a copy of Hyrule Historia that looks like it came from straight from Hyrule.

If you're a fan of The Legend of Zelda, fictional timelines, and gaming paraphernalia, Hyrule Historia should have you perfectly covered. Originally published last year in Japan, the hardcover book outlines the complete history of Zelda's divergent timelines while collecting bonus artwork and an introduction by series creator Shigeru Miyamoto. North American audiences can get an English translation this January, but publisher Dark Horse has one additional bonus lined up. Those willing to spend the extra cash can obtain a limited collector's edition of Hyrule Historia that looks like it was brought forward in time by Link's Ocarina.

Hyrule Historia's collector's edition doesn't appear to contain additional content, but makes up for that in presentation. The volume comes with a faux-leather cover bearing a debossed symbol of the Gate of Time. Rounding off the appeal are gold-gilded pages that should make the item a worthy addition to any Zelda fan's collection.

Outside of the increased cost, Tiny Cartridge has noted two potential drawbacks that might keep you from reaching for your wallet. First of all, the Limited Edition is listed as having eight fewer pages than the standard edition, although the extent of any cut content has yet to be determined. Secondly, the Collector's Edition will actually be shipping on February 12, 2013, a full two weeks after the standard edition's launch. To many Zelda fans, I expect those considerations are minor compared to having a book that looks like it came from Hyyrule on their shelves.

Reports have listed the Hyrule Historia's Collector's Edition at $70 with an Amazon pre-order price of $45.73, although a quick visit to the Amazon listing only provides the option to sign up for email alerts. Once the pre-orders go live they're likely to be snatched up quickly, so anyone interested should watch that space for more detailed information.

Source: Amazon via Joystiq

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