Creator of Brink Blows Up British in Dirty Bomb

| 29 Nov 2012 09:30

See London go straight to hell in this video trailer for Splash Damage's latest shooter.

Splash Damage, maker of Brink, Doom 3 and Return to Castle Wolfenstein, has gone to London for its latest PC multiplayer shooter, Dirty Bomb. Lots of shooting and explosions await the survivors of whatever disaster - presumably terrorist-related - totaled the city, as this action-heavy video reveals.

There's not much to go on yet. The game has a website and you can reserve your name should you so wish. Gameplay and plot details are few and far between, but PC gamers can rejoice, as this shooter is aimed squarely at them. There's no release date as yet.

Certainly the setting looks a lot like the London I remember, which is hardly a surprise, since Splash Damage is a London-based studio. The Gherkin seems to have relocated south of the Thames, but no doubt we can blame the bomb for that.

Source: Splash Damage

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