Team Fortress 2 Heavy is Wishmaking Fairy!

| 3 Dec 2012 09:50

Valve's second annual Saxxy awards finalists showcase medicine, dumpsters, high-fives and sandvich.

Valve's Saxxy awards finalists have been chosen, and the winners now have Saxxys of their very own with which to swat the foe. The overall champion will be picked during the Spike VGA awards on December 7th, but as it's Monday and you could probably do with a laugh, feast your eyes on the winner of the comedy category: The Wishmaker, by Maxime Lebled.

The other comedy nominees, as well as the drama, replay and action shorts, can be found over here. The Saxxys are awards given to users of Source Filmmaker, who put together a short - no longer than 5 minutes - feature. These shorts are then voted on by the community to determine the nominees.

Valve picks the winners, and this year had opened up the field a bit to include Best Original Universe as a category. Unfortunately for the makers of Elements there just weren't enough entrants to make the Best Original Universe viable this year; perhaps next year will see more interest in the category.

Congratulations to the winners, Meet the Dumpster Diver (Action), Epic High Five Fail (Replay), Bad Medicine (Drama), and, of course, The Wishmaker. Best of luck in the VGA Awards!

Source: PC Gamer

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