Konami Reveals Castlevania: Mirror of Fate Backstory

| 7 Dec 2012 09:15

So what did happen to Simon Belmont's father, Trevor?

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate has been a bit of a mystery till now, but Konami has released a video teaser showing a bit of one of the protagonist's backstories. Meet Trevor Belmont, father of Simon; get a better idea of what kind of person he was, and why his fate matters.

Trevor is Gabriel Belmont's son, which means - in canon - he's Dracula's get, and the trailer starts just at the point when Trevor gets the news that daddy killed mum and is the immortal bloodsucker terrorizing the land.

The game features four playable characters, including Simon and Alucard as well as Gabriel himself in a short prologue, all of them wrapped up in the family tragedy, though the action takes place in several different time periods.

Release date for this 3DS title is March 5th, 2013. Good luck, Trevor; I suspect you'll need it.

Source: VG24/7

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