Dragon Age Promo Items Go Free

| 7 Dec 2012 15:30

A big pile of Dragon Age in-game promotional items is yours for the taking.

If you're still playing Dragon Age: Origins or Dragon Age II, or even just think that you might replay them someday, and don't already have all the preorder and other promotional items like the Lion's Paw or the Band of Stolen Shadows, you may now grab them all at absolutely no cost or obligation.

There is one obligation, I suppose, since you have to be signed up with the BioWare Social Network, but if you're playing Dragon Age, or ever have, then that's already been taken care of. So just nip on over, provide the information requested, select your platform of choice and click the button. Boom! A veritable plethora of digital extras is yours! (You do know what a plethora is, right?)

And don't think that just because you have to choose a platform for your unlockable freebies, you're limited to just that platform: You can go back and grab everything for all three platforms if you like. (I tested this theory and now have a giant pile of PS3 DLC that I will never, ever use.)

It's a pretty sweet deal, but there's no indication when it will end, so don't delay - get yours today!

Source: BioWare Social Network

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