Fans Petition for Dark Souls II on Wii U

| 11 Dec 2012 11:45

Over 5,000 fans want a Nintendo version of the new Dark Souls.

Internet petitions don't always effect change, but in the case of Dark Souls, developer From Software has been fairly responsive. When gamers asked for a Dark Souls PC port, they got it (even if it wasn't perfect). Since the announcement of Dark Souls II, fans of the series are ready to try their luck again. While the game is currently slated for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC release, over 5,000 gluttons for punishment want to see it on Nintendo's new Wii U console.

The petition's logic for a Wii U release is fairly reasonable, if a little scattershot. "Dark Souls II can reach an even larger audience by including development for the Nintendo Wii U," writes Chris Marcil, the author of the document. Marcil believes that, along with broadening the game's potential fanbase, the Wii U controller could provide unique opportunities for inventory management. Gaming PCs and Xbox Live memberships, Marcil argues, are expensive, so a Wii U version makes sense "for anyone who does not have or want a PS3." At present, the petition has a goal of 100,000 signees: approximately twenty times its current mass.

The Wii U seems technically capable of running Dark Souls II, both from hardware and online functionality perspectives. If From Software gets wind of this petition, it will have to consider a Wii U version from resource- and audience-based points of view: Does the company have enough time and money to develop a Wii U version, and if it does, will enough people buy it? Sign if you think it's a good idea, but remember that not every Dark Souls petition has seen success.

Source: via GameSpot

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