THQ Tests Open Source Waters

| 17 Dec 2012 09:15

The success of the humble bundle resulted in some interesting feedback for THQ.

Following on a very successful charity bundle, THQ president Jason Rubin received an interesting Tweet asking, would THQ consider publishing titles for Linux?

"I know it seems a small market," Tweeted Cheshire Theyain, "but look at what Valve is doing." It would seem Rubin has, and he's also been looking at the Humble Bundle results. "Evaluating cost/benefit as we speak," was Rubin's reply.

Rubin went on to Tweet, in response to a second open source question, that THQ is already using Unity, the cross-platform game engine, on one of THQ's current projects. Rubin didn't say which one; it could be any of several. Back when THQ dropped Guillermo del Toro's Insane, THQ also announced that it was starting work on four other projects, none of which were named at the time.

Since then a rocky earnings call and a stock price crash made THQ look like a company without much of a future, but the wildly successful bundle has shown that THQ still has some very popular IP. THQ's dalliance with open source - which Rubin himself says is only a cost/benefit study at the moment - might be one of the ways Rubin intends to put the past behind THQ.

Source: PC Gamer

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