Save The Wedding Date Platformer Style

| 21 Dec 2012 09:55

Katie & Barry want their friends to know that evil robots may, or may not, be part of their wedding day.

One thing this cheerful little platformer reminded me of - well, apart from that I suck at platformers - is how fun it can be to go the extra mile for a special occasion. The special occasion this time out is the wedding of Katie Martin and Barry Abrams; play their platformer, and save the date!

Apparently there's a super-secret level in here somewhere, which I can't tell you about; see also, 'suck at platformers.' Battle an evil robot for the heart of your true love, with the help of a sheet-chewing dog named Olive. Just watch out for those pesky asteroids, and remember to make stew when you're done.

All the best to Katie & Barry! Hopefully the actual wedding won't feature too many evil robots ...

Source: Game Informer

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