Morocco, Indonesia To Join Civilization V Roster

| 18 May 2013 09:35

Come with me to the Kasbah.

Civilization V enthusiasts - of which there are one or two out there - rejoice, as two new civilizations have been confirmed for the latest expansion, Brave New World. Indonesia and Morocco are the new potential rivals for imperialist expansionist Ghandi and the rest of the crowd. Screenshots abound! Get 'em while they're hot!

Indonesia, led by Gajah Mada of the mighty Majapahit Empire - he who vowed to abstain from worldly pleasures until he had conquered the whole Indonesian archipelago for his queen - gets some pretty nifty resource bonuses and a unique swordsman unit. Indonesia's first three cities founded on new continents get two special luxury resources via the Spice Islanders ability, which may come in very handy for trade and Happiness, but demands seafaring expansion. The Kris Swordsman, which gets a random upgrade after the first round of combat, is Indonesia's tough early unit, while the Candi - a portico-covered shrine - replaces the garden and gives Faith bonuses.

Morocco's Ahmad al-Mansur, the Golden, who dreamed of spreading Islam to the Americas, has trade route bonuses to gold and culture from every external trade route via his Gateway to Africa ability. He also has access to Berber Cavalry units, which replace standard cavalry and get combat buffs when fighting on home or desert tiles. Morocco's Kasbah improvement is for desert tiles, and gives them added defense, food, production and gold.

Be patient, oh glorious ruler! This one isn't due till July 2013.

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