It Looks Like Kevin Conroy Will Be Batman After All

| 20 May 2013 04:19

The prolific voice actor announced he has been working on "the next Arkham game" for the past nine or ten months.

Batman: Arkham Origins is the prequel to the out-of-nowhere smash hit Arkham Aslyum and its follow-up Arkham City. It will follow the adventures of a young, "unrefined" Bruce Wayne as he first gets his start as the dark knight, and meets some of his most iconic supervillain adversaries for the first time. It was previously believed that Kevin Conroy, who voiced Batman in the previous Arkham games as well as several other Batman media, had been passed over for the role in Origins, with the studio opting instead for a younger actor to better portray young Bruce.

But this seems to not be the case, as Conroy himself recently announced at Dallas Comic Con that he has been working on the "next Arkham game" for the past "nine or ten months". Conroy says that he and the other actors working on the game had to sign a non-disclosure agreement, so he wasn't actually able to specifically state the game by name. He also spoke of the series incredible rise in popularity, which led to the development of this new game.

While it may seem immediately obvious that he is talking about Origins, another theory exists. The developer may simply be prepping the next next Arkham game, which would not be too far of a stretch considering Origins is due out in October of this year.

But let's say he has been working on Origins. It may seem strange considering the statement claiming Conroy was passed over for the role was made only recently, while Conroy claims he has been working for over nine months, but I have my own theory. I believe that the new Arkham game will take the form of a series of flashbacks current-day Bruce is having of his younger days, most likely brought on by the death of "you-know-who" in the previous game. Conroy will voice current-day Bruce while the new actor will voice the flashback version.

Batman: Arkham Origins is being developed by Warner Bros. Games Montreal, rather than Rocksteady, the team behind the first two games. We have been assured that WB Games Montreal has been given full access to Rocksteady's custom modified Unreal engine to capture the look and feel of the Arkhamverse. The game is set for release on the Xbox 360, PS3, PC and Wii U on October 25.

Source: Arkhamverse

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