Diablo III Infographic Shows 2.1 Million Players Still Log On Daily

| 22 May 2013 08:06

Despite the doom-and-gloom that the internet loves to spout about Diablo III's "failure", it seems as though the game is doing quite well for itself one year on.

Diablo III has turned one year old, and Blizzard are celebrating. Previously, they announced that players would get bonus XP and loot throughout the birthday celebration, and the game is currently enjoying a $20 discount on the official Blizzard store. If any one concept represents the core of the Diablo series, it's numbers. You slay monsters to collect gold to buy gear to make your numbers bigger. In celebration of numbers, Blizzard have released a nice, big, number-filled infographic that shows despite all the doom-and-gloom stories we have heard, it's still doing pretty well after its first birthday.

The image shows that an average of 2.1 million players still log in to sanctuary every day, and that around 14 million unique players have experienced the game. 67 million characters have been created, and they have collected 648 trillion gold! If you're a fan of stats, be sure to check out the full image bellow:


Diablo III is currently exclusive to PC and Mac, but a PS3/PS4 version of the game is in the works, and should be out later this year.


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