Tim Schafer Teases "Something New"

| 30 May 2013 07:29

The prominent game developer says that the announcement is "not a sequel or a port. Something new!"

Tim Schafer, of Psychonauts and Brutal Legend fame, has teased a brand new game announcement via his official Twitter. Furthermore, he stresses that the announcement is something completely new, and is neither a sequel nor a port of any of his previous games. The announcement should come "tomorrow," so we shouldn't have to wait too long to hear what this new game. It's apparently so exciting that Schafer exclaimed he "might even put on new underwear."

Tim Schafer and employer Double Fine recently decided to Kickstart an adventure game, an endeavor that proved so successful, Kickstarter announced it was the the fastest-funded project in the history of the crowd-sourcing website. And this was when the game was nothing more than a glint in Schafer's eye, without so much as an official name.

The game has since been named and detailed, and will be an game about a boy living in a spaceship, and a girl about to be scarified for her village, in the vein of an old-school adventure game. It's official title is Broken Age.

With another new game announcement coming, could Double Fine be putting Broken Age on the backburner? We haven't really heard any more information about it since back in March.

The specification that it won't be a sequel or port is sure to upset fans that have been holding out for a HD remake of Full Throttle, or that long-awaited sequel to Psychonauts.

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