ShinyLoot Offers DRM-Free Catalogue of Indie Games

| 5 Jun 2013 23:10

A new digital distributor is in town to champion indie titles.

Digital distribution is quickly replacing brick-and-mortar game stores, and the new trend has done wonders for indie developers who would never be able to afford shelf space in a physical store. Still, many indie gems have a hard time getting noticed amid the big-name releases, even when distribution isn't a problem. A new distribution site called ShinyLoot aims to fix this, marketing a library of lesser-known games with little to no DRM.

ShinyLoot's goal is to "even the playing field" in terms of exposure. Users can customize their interests with over 130 traits, which the site will use to help you discover games you might like. The site currently boasts a library of 325 games, 70 of which include Steam and Desura keys. All games, including the ones with keys for other services, are available as DRM-free or minimal-DRM downloads, not unlike GOG's distribution service. No client is required to buy or play your games, and all titles are available worldwide.

The minimal DRM stance is sure to earn the fledgling distributor some internet brownie points. The only form of DRM the site allows is a one-time key validation (which GOG doesn't support), as ShinyLoot sees that as acceptably unobtrusive. It also takes its goal of increasing indie visibility seriously - whereas most digital distribution vendors greet you with a slideshow of blockbuster games, ShinyLoot's homepage is a simple search bar that asks what you're looking for in a game. It's a novel approach, and hopefully one that will bring some much-deserved attention to indie gems.

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