The Wonderful 101 Gets Multiplayer, Release Date

| 11 Jun 2013 13:05

The Wonderful 101 will be hitting American shores on September 13th, 2013.

This morning during Nintendo's E3 edition of its Direct live stream, company president Satoru Iwata took some time to talk up Platinum Games' The Wonderful 101. The superhero themed action game will put players in the shoes of Wonder Red and his super-powered allies who must contend with alien forces out to conquer the Earth. Nintendo revealed several new details for the game in its Direct stream, including cooperative multiplayer and a North American release date.

The bulk of Nintendo's presentation focused on how the Wii U Game Pad's unique features would play into the title's gameplay. In battle players will control an entire team of superheroes with access to Unite Morph abilities that allow them to combine together to transform into weapons and perform special attacks. "Unite Morph powers will be activated by drawing the specific symbol corresponding with the transformation on the Wii U Game Pad screen," said Iwata. "A bigger symbol on the screen means more heroes will unite and the Unite Morph will be more powerful." Players will be able to buy new Unite abilities in an in-game shop using points earned during gameplay.

While these details were nice, many will likely take interest in The Wonderful 101's newly unveiled cooperative multiplayer. Looking none-too-dissimilar from the single-player game, Iwata confirmed that up to five players would be able to partake in the game's co-op action. "Each player will lead his or her own group of heroes into battle together," said Iwata. The brief footage didn't reveal much in the way of game modes, but Iwata promised that more updates were on the way. The game itself will debut on American shores on September 15th, 2013.

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