Latest Ghost In The Shell Gets 8 Minute Video Reveal

| 14 Jun 2013 09:35

Gorgeous as always, but Production I.G. are going for a new look with Motoko.

Welcome to Arise, the latest installment in the Ghost In The Shell series. You're going to get a first glimpse of 8 minutes of footage, and a whole new take on series mainstay Motoko Kusanagi. The action's taking place some time prior to the previous series and movies, when Motoko is still a relatively junior army brat of 501 Organization, about to find out that exhumations have their consequences. This is one of a four-part series, with new voice actors replacing pretty much the entire cast. Incidentally, this is the SD quality clip, shown here because it features English subtitles; if you want a glimpse of HD, have a look over here.

Ghost Pain, the episode you're looking at, starts with a bomb attack that kills an arms dealer who might, or might not, be linked with 501 Organization. Aramaki of Public Security brings in Kusanagi to help the investigation, but she's working in partnership with Batou - who's convinced she's a criminal - and Detective Togusa, who thinks his murder investigation is linked with the wider conspiracy somehow. Before you go nuts, bear in mind that this one isn't scheduled for release outside Japan yet; but there will be Japanese Blu-Rays with English subtitles on sale from July 26th. The Japanese theatrical release is slated for June 22nd.

So if you should happen to know of a way to get those discs, well ... enjoy!

Source: Kotaku

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