2K Marin: Screenshots Don't Do XCOM Shooter Justice

| 18 Jun 2013 09:00

2K's Morgan Gray hopes gameplay videos will dispel misconceptions, but doesn't have a new one to show yet.

"I think as more gameplay videos come out and people see [The Bureau: XCOM Declassified] in motion I think the misconceptions are going to give way," says 2K Marin's Morgan Gray, adding that "screenshots don't really do the game justice." The Bureau is as much tactical squad combat strategy as shooter, Gray says, with you in charge as squad leader. You'll be using your tactics to unlock the battlefield 'puzzle', working out how to use your powers to your best advantage. Run and gun will not work for you; not unless you want the dirt nap early retirement plan.

If you were hoping for a video, there aren't any new ones yet; there's an older one over here. It's even got what Gray describes as a "learning moment," where incautious tactics gets the player in a heap of trouble. You need to be "that battlefield leader out in the field of action," according to Gray, "and then using leapfrog tactics, coordinating fire, assessing flanks, pressing your initiative and advantage based off the opportunities that you create." When not out in the field you'll be back at the base, working out what to do next, carrying out research, or maybe just licking your wounds. "The base is a big prominent gameplay mechanic," says Gray, "it's your social hub, you'll go back to it, you'll be recruiting agents from it."

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified, for current generation consoles and PC, will be out August 2013.

Source: VG24/7

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