Arma 3 Beta Invades Steam June 25th

| 20 Jun 2013 12:55

The Challenges game mode will be included in the beta release.

Arma 3, the near-future military shooter from Bohemia Interactive, will be released in beta on June 25th. All of the content from the alpha, including the scenario editor and modding support, as well as the new-to-beta Challenges game mode, will be included in the June release. "We are keen to get it into gamers' hands quickly," says Bohemia's Joris-Jan van 't Land, who's eager to give Arma 3 players access to Steam Workshop content sharing controls, as well as the 10 new vehicles, 7 weapons, 4 showcase missions (Combined Arms, Supports, Commanding & Night), 2 multiplayer scenarios and 4 challenges the beta has on offer.

Arma 3 is that same game which got two of its developers arrested on espionage charges when they went to Greece for a vacation; possibly a testament to the game's realism, but fortunately the two have since been released. You play on the 20km2 island of Stratis, using all the military might at your disposal to defeat the enemy.

Those of you already in via the alpha will get this via automatic update. The rest will need to get involved via Steam or Bohemia's site. Once this goes to beta the price tag jumps up to $44.99 (£29.99), but the alpha's still open, and will be till June 25th. The alpha, please note, currently goes for $32.99 (£19.99). Just sayin'.

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