Next Media Animation Explains Microsoft's Xbox One-Eighty

| 20 Jun 2013 15:36

Next Media Animation has created yet another video explaining Microsoft's decision to step back its Xbox One DRM plans, and as with everything the team creates it's baffling, bizarre and awesome.

Yesterday we reported that Microsoft had reacted to fan dismay at its upcoming DRM plans for the Xbox One console by effectively retracting almost everything it told us at E3. Now the console will be able to play used games and it won't force players to be constantly tethered to the 'net. Great news, right?

Certainly, but our text can only convey so much joy. If you want to properly report on all of that news you need a crack team of animators located on the opposite of the planet. A team like Next Media Animation, the brilliant/insane/Taiwanese minds behind such recent viral news clips as this recent coverage of the Xbox One's debut announcement.

Everything I'm typing here is pointless, as the story lies entirely in that video embedded at top-right. Watch the thing, maybe watch it a second time, compose yourself, then react in the comments. It's worth two minutes of your life, trust me on this one.

Source: Twitter

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