Injustice: Gods Among Us Unveils General Zod Trailer, Man of Steel Skin

| 21 Jun 2013 13:22

Injustice: Gods Among Us will be adding General Zod and a Man of Steel skin for Superman in July.

Injustice: Gods Among Us looks to be getting a bit more super in the near future. Superman, that is (nyuck nyuck). NetherRealm Studio's DC-centric fighting gaming will be adding a Man of Steel skin for its version of Superman. The skin, which will cost players 80 Microsoft points or roughly $2.99 on the PSN. As the Man of Steel moniker would suggest, the new skin will be based off Henry Cavill's super suit from the movie of the same name.

Players also got a look today at General Zod, who was recently confirmed to be Injustice's next DLC character. Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment released a video showing off the Gods Among Us version of the angry Kryptonian who spent his trailer speaking in ominous tones and wailing/being wailed on by his arch-nemesis Superman. The demo duel also showed off some of his move set which was made up of several of the standard Kryptonian powers but also included a nifty move that looked akin to the Phantom Zone projector. General Zod's DLC will cost players $4.99 when it releases, and yes, he does say "Kneel before Zod."

On the one hand the addition of more Superman-themed content doesn't really do much to help the game diversify its cast beyond DC's better know properties. That said, with Man of Steel still fairly fresh in theaters you can hardly blame NetherRealm and Warner Bros for wanting to capitalize on the film. Neither the Man of Steel skin or Zod DLC have an exact release date just yet, but they should both be available some time in July.

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