WWE 2K14 Trailer Ushers In The 2K Era Of Wrestling

| 25 Jun 2013 14:47

2K Sports now controls the WWE pro wrestling license, and the company just debuted the first trailer for the upcoming WWE 2K14.

For years THQ was the sole publisher with the rights to make games based on Vince McMahon's pro wrestling empire. With THQ's financial collapse however, those rights were picked up by 2K Games, publishers of almost every non-EA sports title of note. WWE 2K14, the first wrestling title from 2K Sports, won't hit shelves until October 29, but as you can see from that clip embedded at top-right, 2K was kind enough to issue a proper debut trailer for the title mere hours ago.

While we appreciate the live-action video portions of the clip - Dwayne Johnson is infinitely charismatic in anything - the game itself looks very similar to THQ's WWE '13. This should come as little surprise as developer Yuke's had created the basis for WWE 2K14 while THQ still controlled the license, and 2K Sports' contributions to the game largely arrived after the majority of the title had already been cobbled together. As a result, we expect WWE 2K14 to play similarly to past THQ-branded games. Further, we expect any major gameplay changes 2K may have planned for the series to appear in the inevitable WWE 2K15.

With all that in mind, are you excited to see a new company take a crack at virtual pro wrestling? Or is this year's edition of the game simply too similar to its predecessors to impress you? Comments below. Do your thing.

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