PlayStation 3 Update Fixes Sony's Earlier, Broken Patch

| 27 Jun 2013 14:10
PlayStation 3 console

Sony has rolled out a new update for the PlayStation 3 alongside instructions on how to fix your console if the firm's last update caused it to stop functioning properly.

Last week Sony issued a firmware update for the PlayStation 3 dubbed "System Software v.4.45." Normally new software like this is a welcome sight, but it was quickly discovered that anyone who had modified their PlayStation 3 system with a larger, non-native hard drive would encounter very big problems after applying the 4.45 update. Specifically, their PlayStation 3 consoles would no longer display XrossMediaBar icons, which as anyone who owns a PS3 knows, is the cornerstone of the system's most basic, fundamental functionality.

Sony scrambled to apologize for the issue, and quickly worked to amend the problem with a new, less damaging software update. That update arrived this morning, and those of you whose consoles still work will find the 4.46 firmware update software available the next time you power up your Sony-branded gaming device.

But what of those unfortunates whose consoles are still busted? Sony has a fix for that too. While technically the process is only three steps, each of those steps includes its own set of steps, so the end result is a rather involved solution. Sadly, there doesn't appear to be an easier way to get your PS3 back up to 100-percent working order, so those of afflicted by Sony's last update are basically stuck running through Sony's fix. Fortunately the company does explain things in great detail, so it should be difficult to screw things up any futher if you simply follow the company's instructions. A full walkthrough on the fix can be found on Sony's official PlayStation 3 support site.

Now that our collective nightmare is over, let's put all of this behind us. The PlayStation 4 will be arriving soon, and we can't wait to see what sorts of innovative, creative new plans Sony has for breaking that machine.

Source: Sony

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