Red Dead Redemption Fan Film Hits YouTube

| 28 Jun 2013 13:50

Silk Dog Film's Red Dead Redemption: The Hanging of Bonnie McFarlane paints a bloody picture of the wild west.

Why aren't there more games about the wild west? While gamers get the occasional entry in the genre of cowboys, horses and six shooters, for the most part they're not a regular fixture of the gaming industry. Then again, when those occasional entries happen to include the likes of Red Dead Redemption, it's kind of hard complain. While hardly flawless, Red Dead Redemption was widely regarded as being an excellent game with a great story that succeeded in transporting the open world mechanics of Grand Theft Auto into the old west. The experience of John Marston's tale of gun slinging redemption left its mark on more than a few people. People who, in turn, apparently want to leave their mark on Red Dead Redemption.

For some time now the folks over at Silk Dog Films having been working to produce Red Dead Redemption: The Hanging of Bonnie MacFarlane. Today, the finished product was posted to the group's YouTube page and it is quite entertaining. Coupling exaggerated spaghetti western tropes with some fairly extreme violence, the fifteen minute video is filled to the brim with blood, gunfire and caricatures ripped right out of your favorite western. There may also be a few nods to Red Dead Redemption's Undead Nightmare expansion, but the less the said about the better. In short, if you have fifteen minutes to spare today, give The Hanging of Bonnie MacFarlane a gander.

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