Lightning Returns Getting Final Fantasy VII Pre-Order Bonuses

| 2 Jul 2013 10:52

Players can pre-order Lightning Returns to land an in-game outfit based off of Final Fantasy VII's Cloud.

Set for release in North America in February of 2014, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will close out the XIII trilogy that began when Square Enix released the original game in 2010. While many are understandably curious about the game's story, its relation to the first two games, and the interesting time mechanics at the center of its gameplay, Square Enix may have just unveiled what, for some, will be the most enticing element of the game: stuff from Final Fantasy VII.

Perhaps hoping to tap into the arguable apex of the franchise's popularity, Square Enix has unveiled new pre-order incentives that include Final Fantasy VII-themed clothes for the game's protagonist, the titular Lightning. The bonus clothes will include clothing based off of the gear worn by VII's protagonist Cloud Strife as well as the character's Soldier's Band and iconic Buster Sword. "Cloud's famous victory pose and fanfare have also been faithfully recreated," said Square Enix. Cloud's equipment will also carry unique special abilities that the publisher intends to detail at a later date.

While it would be easy to spell this off as Square Enix pandering to that portion of its audience possessed with an undying love for Final Fantasy VII, it's kind of hard not to hope for more content like this. Think how much fun it could be to have Lightning around in Squall's weird, furry, "not quite reaching my waist" jacket. Maybe Square Enix could release a Zidane version of Lighting with a monkey tail! With the Final Fantasy X HD Remasters down the road, it would could be great marketing to release Tidus' clothes as DLC, even if they don't make a lick of sense. Considering the various and often hilarious outfits Final Fantasy characters have worn over the years, the sky is the limit with this kind of thing.

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