Destiny Clip Offers A Proper Introduction To Bungie's Latest

| 3 Jul 2013 15:36

Bungie just released 12 minutes of gameplay footage from Destiny, the studio's first project since leaving the Halo franchise.

Consider that video embedded at top-right to be a very early Christmas present for all fans of Bungie. It's 12 minutes and 19 seconds of gameplay footage from Destiny, and while technically it's a rehash of what Bungie showed off at the recent E3 conference, the footage here features higher resolution and more polish than the prior presentation.

Why launch this video now? Didn't Bungie receive enough adoration at E3? Of course it did. People love Bungie. However, this week the firm is celebrating Bungie Day, so in keeping with tradition Bungie is tossing out all kinds of content to fans. "Each year, on the seventh day of the seventh month, we take a moment to thank the members of our community for their passion and enthusiasm for our games," writes Bungie community manager DeeJ. "We'll be releasing Destiny goodies all week long, and you're invited to the party."

We'll be reporting on any other major items Bungie unveils over the course of the next few days, but in the meanwhile, how about you react to the clip above? Since Bungie is best known for the Halo franchise - there's a generation that knows the company exclusively through those games - it's to be expected that there would be a few similarities between Halo and Destiny, but has this gameplay footage convinced you that the two properties are too similar? Too disparate?

Are any of you currently sobbing and hoping against hope that Spartan John 117 will make a cameo in Destiny?

Source: Bungie

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