Farming Simulator 2013 Ploughs PS3 And Xbox 360 In September

| 5 Jul 2013 09:00

New features! New content! A horror double feature down at the drive-in!

Farming Simulator 2013 took the world by storm when it launched, but until now it was only for PC and Mac. Things have changed and, come September, current generation console gamers will find out what they've been missing. But if you want to know, right now, what joys to expect from the console version of this beet-tastic title, take a look at this trailer, with its shiny new vehicles strutting proud in the glorious American landscape.

Ahh, the Case IH Axial-Flow harvester is a thing of beauty and a joy forever. It treats your grain like a mother does its child. Or the fuel-efficient Magnum tractor, a high performance dream. Both will be coming to the console version, along with many other vehicles and a new game map. Manage your own farm, face all the challenges of raising livestock and growing crops. Digital farming at its finest!

This one's due for the first week in September, 2013. Farmers, start your tractors!

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