Razer CEO: No PS3 Accessories Because I Barely Play Mine

| 6 Jul 2013 21:30

Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan says he designs stuff he actually wants as a gamer.

Razer is a videogame peripheral company that makes controllers, headphones, fight sticks, mice and keyboards for the PC and Xbox 360. Oddly enough, there are no Razer products for the Xbox's direct competitor, the PS3. Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan explained over Twitter that "One of the big reasons why we don't make PlayStation accessories is because I don't really spend time with mine."

The exchange started when Tan said he was "dusting off his PS3" just so he could play The Last of Us. While he has enjoyed some PS3 games in the past (he claimed to have spent two straight days playing Infamous), the peripheral maker stands by his decision to not support the PS3. When he was called out as being "selfish", he replied "Why's it selfish? I design stuff I actually want as a gamer rather than sell stuff to gamers for money."

Tan went on to tell eager PlayStation gamers that if more games can hold his interest like Infamous, he might look into making PlayStation accessories. When asked if Razer would make products for the PS4, Tan said "I dunno - I had my PS3 for a long time - gathered a lot of dust. literally."

Razer's products, in particular its Xbox 360 fight sticks, are often regarded by gamers as being of very high quality and some of the best third party peripherals on the market. Razer recently expanded into the notebook sector, publishing the Razer Blade series of gaming laptops built around Razer's "switchblade" interface.

Source: Twitter via DualShockers

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