League Of Legends Spawns Fan-Made Fighting Game

| 10 Jul 2013 16:53

Do you like League of Legends but wish it involved more uppercuts? League of Fighters might be the game for you.

League of Legends is a wildly-popular title that has grown to be one of the most notable games in the likewise wildly-popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) genre. The best way to describe it to neophytes would be as a real-time strategy game in which you control small groups of powerful units instead of a large army of comparatively weak characters. What it isn't however, is a fighting game, which is where the aptly-titled League of Fighters comes in.

Created by dedicated fans, League of Fighters is pretty much exactly what you'd expect: A relatively traditional 2D fighting game starring characters made famous by League of Legends. Or, as the game's official site describes it:

League of Fighters is a League of Legends fan project using the FM2K engine to bring LoL characters into a 2D fighting game. The game's mechanics are very similar to the LoL which makes for a really interesting fighting game. Each special attack has its own cooldown just like in the game! You can choose your own summoner spell when you select a character (we only show 3 in the trailer but we're planning many more). We actually use [Super Smash Bros.] controls for the inputs for special attacks so it still feels good on anything from a keyboard to a stick.

As you can see from the trailer embedded at top-right, this isn't the most attractive fighter you've ever seen, but at the same time, it's definitely got fan service appeal for those who dig League of Legends. Given that game's popularity, the fighter should be able to pick up a solid fanbase purely via media osmosis. Will it be adopted by hardcore fighting game fans? We'd guess no, but basing League of Fighters' controls on those found in Nintendo's Smash Bros. series is certain to make the title more appealing to new players.

Unfortunately, League of Fighters currently lacks an official release date, or even a window when we can expect it to debut. Today's announcement was merely its public reveal, so expect more info to trickle out of this fan project for the foreseeable future.

Source: Instaburst

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