Mickey Mouse Does Tokyo, Homages Mario

| 10 Jul 2013 17:24

A new Disney animated short sees Mickey Mouse visiting the Land of the Rising Sun where he encounters punk culture, sumo wrestlers and a handy excuse to tear a page from the Mario Bros.' playbook.

Tokyo Go is a newly-released animated short from Disney, starring its most recognizable character Mickey Mouse. The vignette sees our hero on a visit to Tokyo where he boards a train, only to realize that Japan's public transportation system is a nightmare of claustrophobic close quarters, spiky youths and sumo wrestlers with little regard for proper dental hygiene. Then, at the 2:25 mark, he enters a tunnel and the entire clip turns into an adorable Super Mario Bros. reference complete with the sound effect that plays each time Mario or Luigi grabs a mushroom and grows to their full height.

Why are we showing you this? Simply because its cute. Sure, we love to report on hard news and bringing you all of the day's information on what's happening in the videogame industry is basically our mission statement, but there are times when we simply need to show you something cool. This is one of those times. It's impossible to dislike Mickey Mouse, and given our key demographic, that Mario homage should be right up your collective alleys. So take a break, kick back, forget all that work piling up on your desk, and smile at pure animated childhood whimsy. You've earned it.

Source: Disney

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