Bohemia Hack Snags User Data

| 12 Jul 2013 09:15

Fortunately encryption protects your data.

Hackers have infiltrated Bohemia Interactive, makers of modern warfare series Arma and zombie mod DayZ, and have made off with usernames, email addresses and encrypted passwords. Fortunately Bohemia's password encryption makes it unlikely that anything very awful will be done with the data, and since Bohemia doesn't store credit card details you aren't likely to be at serious risk as a result of the breach.

However user passwords will already have been reset by the time you read this. If you are affected by this security breach, you should go over to Bohemia's site and follow the instructions there to get your new password. You won't be able to log on to any of Bohemia's sites or forums until this is done.

At least it was only hackers, and not a zombie apocalypse. Though I suppose they could have been zombie hackers. You can never be sure.

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