Hyrule: Total War Trailer Kills Zelda and Link

| 24 Jul 2013 14:48

Parallel Process has released version 3.0 of its Hyrule: Total War mod along with a new trailer that shows off its bloodier take on The Legend of Zelda.

The Legend of Zelda series arguably runs on the presumption that most people aren't going to question why, with the fate of the world at stake, the forces of destiny would pick only one guy to be in charge of vanquishing evil. It's not like there's nobody else in the kingdom, after all. In Ocarina of Time there's a bunch of guards who spend their days just walking oddly planned patrols around the perimeter of Hyrule Castle. Why can't they help? Why is it always Link, even when he's just a child, left to do the dirty work?

Parallel Process's Hyrule: Total War tosses the lone warrior concept out the window and instead focuses on a Hyrule torn apart by bloody and brutal warfare. A total conversion mod for Medieval 2: Total War, it puts players in control of one of the races or kingdoms of Hyrule and sets them to the task of conquering the fantasy land. Just recently, the mod saw the release of its third version, which, among other improvements, contains a whopping nineteen factions, customizable settlements, and a four-mission campaign based off of Hyrule Historia, Nintendo's tome detailing the complex and confusing connections between the various Zelda games.

Perhaps the most immediately eye-catching thing about version 3.0 however, is the trailer Parallel Process released alongside it. The aptly titled "Epic Trailer" gives a peek at what has to be one of the bloodiest, most violent depictions of Hyrule ever. A depiction which includes the clashing of armies, siege warfare, a Kaiju-sized Majora's Mask and the deaths of both Zelda and Link. Somehow we get the feeling it's a portrayal that the generally family-friendly Nintendo might not approve of.

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