Shadow of the Eternals Returns to Kickstarter

| 26 Jul 2013 13:45

Shadow of the Eternals is back on Kickstarter, offering all the awesomeness for just half the price!

As promised, Precursor Games is taking a fresh run at Kickstarter with Shadow of the Eternals, a "spiritual successor" to the GameCube classic Eternal Darkness. This time around the goal is only a little more than half of what it was after the first time through: $750,000, to be precise, which will buy an "8-10 hour complete experience," with multiple playable characters in different historical time periods, DRM-free distribution and David Hayter as the voice of the protagonist.

The new Kickstarter also beats the drum of "backer participation" far more loudly than its predecessor. While Precursor said in its previous kick at the can that Shadow of the Eternals will allow backers "to participate in helping design the game that you want to play," each of the reward tiers in the new Kickstarter - even the starting $5 level - explicitly promises to "give you access to an exclusive section of the official development forums where you can have direct interaction with the development team and can contribute content for the game."

So how can Precursor offer a bigger, better Shadow of the Eternals for half the cost of what it needed a month ago? Perhaps a backroom deal with a publisher has been signed, or maybe the plan is to just grab what it can and hope for the best; the truth is that I do not know and, in the Kickstarter at least, Precursor does not say. But so far, people seem to dig the idea: At last look, the Shadow of the Eternals Kickstarter has raised over $116,000 with 28 days left on the clock.

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