Battlefield 4's Battlelog is a Seamless Second Screen Experience

| 27 Jul 2013 00:00

DICE want's Battlefield 4's Battlelog to be "super integral" to the game itself.

PC gamers should be pretty familiar with the Battlelog feature of Battlefield 3, essentially a facebook-style social media website that serves as a hub for Battlefield 3 player's stats, loadouts, server browser and friends. DICE plans to expand on the Battlelog for Battlefield 4, making it a seamless second screen experience that is "more than something just the PC gamers can enjoy."

"People have their smartphones, they have their tablets, they have their computers next to them while they are playing," says Oskar Gabrielson, Battlelog producer, "and we want to create the Battlefield which can incorporate all these devices into the experience."

The new Battlelog will let you change your loadout in real time, any time, whether you are on the bus on the way home from work, or if you've just died in-game and want to quickly switch out a weapon.

Another new feature is the ability to hook up your tablet to the game client, so when you are playing it functions as a minimap. You can even set attack points and orders by tapping them on the tablet.

If you want to find another server, you wan't have to quit your current one to go back to the server browser. You can just look one up on your smartphone or tablet, press join, and your game client will seamlessly join the new server.

Lastly, the new Battlelog adds the ability to create custom challenges called "Missions," (for example, who is the best tank killer), which you can compete for with your friends, as well as strangers in a specific area based on "Geoleaderboards."

Source: DICE

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